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About Sound Healing Matrix
​At Sound Healing Matrix we explore the world of sound, not just music but We explore how music is made and what the sounds mean and how it affects the human body.

We examine various musical genres and sub genres and how they create different feeling states and how music and sound can be used as a therapeutic tool for healing and meditation, peacefulness and for recreation. We work with individuals and in groups in various kinds of modalities.

Individual Sessions and group sessions....

Sound Medicine and Sound Prescriptions.....Often times we are given medications, sometimes many of them and we don't get better. Many times we need medication and surgery but sometimes we need music to heal us and we work on these modalities to effect change.

At Sound Healing Matrix we work for healing and we work for peace and we also work therapeutically to create positive changes in human beings.

As  an exploration of sound we create a sense of blissfulness, wellness, peacefulness and work on sound itself and then we work on music, this website will tell you how!!!