Sound Healing Matrix

Customized Music Services For Healing
​We build customized music services for you whether it's a sound healing program for an autistic child or a concert with programmable binural beats or a musical improvisation, sound and music is what we strive to bring to each and every client.
Sound Healing Matrix Services
Therapeutic Healing Concerts
​Singing with people in a group has been shown to increase a hormone in the body called oxitocin. So we facilitate sound healing groups for people and help them through a therapeutic regimen to help them feel better, build community through sound and music
Voice Analysis
​Voice scripting or anloging as we call it can help you find out which notes in your voice you are producing too much or too little of which correspond to particular biological systems in the body, this will enable you to balance and restore the body's biological systems, creating a more homeostatic body environment.